Jason C. Platt


“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” -John Wooden.

Why is coaching so important?

Coaching is one of the most overused words in business today. It is right up there with training. Coaching is not about discipline and not about giving instruction. It’s all about learning and improving performance – being better than you were the day before.


The best leaders in the world today all have coaches or advisors they use to help them learn and ultimately get better results. Jason believes everyone should have a coach for the type of improvement or results that they desire – life, business, finance, you name it. His own executive coach and friend, Bob Flynn, says, “Everything is a process, especially coaching.”

Jason’s coaching process focuses on leadership development, primarily with mid-level managers to get better results within their specific departments.

Jason takes 2 simple approaches:

  1. He learns your personality style using numerous assessments and tailors his approach specific to you.
  2. He then takes each “coachee” through his 7R Process.

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