Jason C. Platt

Career Coaching

"Talents are common, everyone has them - but rare is the courage to follow our talents where they lead." -Anon

It is said that the worst days of those who enjoy what they do, are better than the best days of those who don’t. Jason is committed to fulfilling his vision of everyone knowing their purpose in life and achieving their full leadership potential around that purpose which is why he devoted to helping people find careers that have meaning to them.Jason’s career coaching is an interactive process by which Jason and you will exchange and explore information around your background, experiences, interests, abilities, self-concept, and other personal characteristics that are currently either helping or inhibiting you to achieving your career objectives.

Career Coaching

Jason uses the information gathered through numerous assessments to understand and respond to your specific needs and concerns; which you can in turn use to understand yourself and others more clearly, clarify your career goals making plans for the future. His approach is systematic and provides information and advice to you in such areas as: education and training, interview techniques and counseling, and offer negotiation.

Jason’s primary focus is on your career development, and he focuses on your emotional and attitudinal quality to insure your success. He may also provide you with screening and referral services to potential staffing agencies and employers. Jason also works with individuals and groups to develop job search skills and assist in locating and applying for jobs.

“Find out what your purpose is, focus on that craft with a burning desire to be excellent, and you will have no trouble finding the perfect career, because you will have created it.” -Jason C. Platt

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