Jason C. Platt

Resume Writing

“If you call failures ‘ experiments ’ , you can put them in your résumé and claim them as achievements.” -Mason Cooley

Your résumé is your personal brand and functions to highlight your background and skills. In
today’s fast paced and ultra-competitive environment, your résumé and cover letter are the most
powerful documents you will create, and in many cases determines your candidacy for

As a former recruiter, Jason knows the skilled recruiters and hiring managers can review a résumé
within 10-15 seconds and determine if you move to the next step in the interviewing process to
potentially secure employment. You want your background, skills, and accomplishments
appropriately highlighted to insure you get a phone call for an interview.
Your résumé and cover letter should be adapted to suit each job application aimed at a particular
industry. Unfortunately in today’s economic environment, the mass distribution of résumés to
employers often has a negative effect on your chances of securing employment. Jason insures your
résumé is tailored to you and your industry.

Professional, Management, and Executive Résumé & Cover Letter Packages:

Resume WritingJason’s résumé and cover letter writing process focuses on 4 elements of you: your personal brand,
your strengths, accomplishments and aspirations. He then designs a personal strategy for you to help you achieve your career goals.

Below is the process Jason uses:

  1.  Jason will set up an in person meeting or phone conference with you, at your convenience, and the purpose is to simply get to know YOU. Many other services will immediately ask you to fill out questionnaires or surveys for fact finding and jump right into what you have done in the past. Jason’s approach is to help you market who YOU are on paper, and to do that requires an informational interview to understand exactly what you want to accomplish.
  2. He then takes each client through an information gathering session, which focuses on your background, strengths, accomplishments and aspirations.
  3. He will then author and create your résumé and then schedule a one-on-one session to review and discuss the draft.
  4. Upon your approval, you will get your professional résumé and cover letter packet
    which includes several copies on professional grade paper, a CD, interview tips, and
    much more.

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Testimonials from recent clients:

“All I can say is wow! I love the format and layout; it is a work of art! My résumé flows well and now shines above all the others thanks to Jason.” – Holly C.

“Jason put me, my personality, and my skills and experiences on paper which helped me secure employment in a matter of weeks!” – Sheila B.

“My résumé stands above all others in my field!” – Trey P.