Jason C. Platt

7R Process

"Everything is a process, especially coaching." Bob Flynn


7R Coaching

  1. Reflect – The first R is Reflection. This step in Jason’s 7R process helps identify the coachees’ opportunities needed to be coached on. This process helps each coachee raise their level of self-awareness and helps them identify their blind spots.
  2. Reasons – the second R is Reasons. This step assists the coachee on desired outcomes and results of the coaching, the reasons why they should make the changes needed.
  3. Right Attitude – the third R is establishing the Right attitude. It is NOT true that people resist change. They do resist if: people do not see and understand the need, they don’t really want to change or believe that the changes needed are not possible for them. This step focuses on the skills needed to move through the coaching process quickly.
  4. Resources – Resources come in many forms, the most important part of this step is time and energy to devote to a systematic coaching process. Jason provides all of the tools, training, but you must provide the information and content and be willing to put your time and energy into the process.
  5. Recite, Recite, Recite – Practice and Communicate. For all your knowledge to turn into a habit, it requires practice. The majority of Olympic athletes train for years and most only perform for minutes, or even seconds. Jason ensures you are practicing the right skills.
  6. Reinforce – At this stage in the process, you will be well on your way to positive and life-changing results. You must discipline yourself to keep it up. People naturally do what they have always done. It is guaranteed, that if you apply the principles in the previous steps, and on a consistent basis, you will achieve extraordinary results.
  7. Reward – You must celebrate your achievements. As the saying goes, “What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

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