Jason C. Platt

Human Capital Leadership

“The most common commodity in this country is unrealized potential.” -Calvin Coolidge

Since I started my journey in the working world, I have constantly asked myself the question:  “Why do some companies achieve great results and other companies fail? I wondered why it was the rule that the top 20% of companies will earn 80% of the business.”Human Capital - Human Capital Leadership72dpi-cropped

As I studied successful leaders, I quickly discovered they were also attached to, and more important, leading great companies. Then I discovered the answer – their secret is excellence in their Human Capital Management practices. It was that simple. Not market conditions, not publicity, not capital. Great people.

Human capital is simply the effectiveness and efficiency of people in your organization, community, church, etc. It is the most important asset an organization has and will ever attain. The Human Capital Institute defines it as the analysis of human beings from an economic value perspective; similar to how you would manage other organizational assets.

According to the studies, 71% of employees are disengaged and these employees cost organizations 350 billion dollars a year. Otherwise stated, people are not inspired and living up to their potential in the workplace.

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