Jason C. Platt

Jason’s Leadership Philosophy

“Philosophy is the sum total of all that you know and what you decide is valuable.” -Jim Rohn

Leadership - Leadership Philosophy72dpiWe all have our own definitions of what leadership is and what leadership requires. We all can agree and disagree on who we think the best and worst leaders are. This comes from many experiences – parents, childhood experiences, schooling, friends, books, etc. Essentially it is through our own paradigm, the way we see the world through our own understanding, that we develop our leadership philosophy, or any other way of thinking for that matter.

The best exercise you can do if you are in a leadership role is to purposefully define your own leadership philosophy. Jason has worked with many leaders and managers to help them define their own model, which leads to higher employee engagement and improved results. It is also one of the most empowering personal development exercises to accomplish as a leader.

Jason’s Leadership Philosophy is simple: Leadership is influence. Leadership requires one thing, and one thing only: followers.

By this definition and requirements, anyone could be identified as a leader. However, we all know there are leaders, and there are those who are lead. Jason’s mission is “to call forth” these great leaders.