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My Journey

My Journey

I have never thought I would be writing this blog, have a website, author a book, meet some of the most extraordinary people from all over the world, and be invited to speak to hundreds of people, or even be considered an “expert” in a subject matter.

                  That was the problem; I never thought it was possible for me.

As I write this blog, I am sitting in Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport, reflecting on the past year and my extraordinary journey.  I have a blog, have worked to build my website, wrote and published a book, have met and been honored with some of the most amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world, been invited to speak to organizations and associations and even considered an expert in my field.  I am blessed beyond measure.  I certainly do not write this to impress you; only to impress upon you the idea that it is also possible for you.

I speak to many young people in high school, colleges and universities all over.  I always ask the question, who would be interested in being a President and CEO of a company as soon as you graduate?  Most hands go up.  My second question is, how many of you are currently a President or CEO of a company? Most hands go down.  I say, everyone’s hands should be up, because each one of you right now (and all who read this) are President’s and CEO’s of a company – that company is your life.

Let me explain.  The realization that only I was responsible for me came several years ago.  My executive coach’s favorite exercise is taking your right hand and making it into the form of a gun – thumb up and index finger pointing outward with all of your other fingers tucked tightly in your fist.  Turning you hand around, point directly to your chest and saying “I am responsible.” Not your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches, mentors, pastors, friends, neighbors, or boss.  Once I “got that” down, I started to go to work on myself.

Whatever your goal, mission or life’s purpose is, no one is going to give it to you or do it for you, and only you can make it come into reality.  This starts with defining what Simon Sinek calls your “Why.”  Why do you get out of bed in the morning and why does anyone care?

I attended Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy for a long weekend in February this past year, and knew immediately I was on a different playing field.  I was surrounded by some of the most amazing businessmen and women and entrepreneurs from all over the world.  They, along with the countless other individuals throughout my life,  all inspired me to build a website, create a blog, share my stories, write a book, etc.

As soon as I boarded my plane home from San Diego on Sunday, I went to work on what you see here today.  I knew and held in my mind exactly what I wanted to create, exactly what I wanted to write about, and exactly what I wanted the website and content to look like.  I never wavered.  I dreamt about it.  I woke up thinking about it and went to bed praying about it. I read books on the subjects, I asked questions of people who have been in my shoes, and I asked myself who I know?

Before long, people and companies appeared.  My amazing website and marketing team, NOW Marketing Group, my attorney, my CPA, my videographer, my photographer, even my postman!  I had my team assembled, the right people to bring my vision into reality.  And the final product is what you see here on this website today: jasoncplatt.com

                  Only you can do the work, direct and lead the team.  You are responsible.

I read a recent article on goal setting and “vision mapping.”  The most interesting little fact that came out of this article was that only 3% of adults have personal goals.  3%!  What the rest of the article said was that most people will spend time planning the yearly family vacation, their daughter’s wedding, or a work presentation, but never put in the time to designing and planning their life.

My challenge to you is do my coach’s favorite exercise, stand up and point that finger right at your chest and say “I am responsible.”  Watch how your life will change!



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