Jason C. Platt


"Every time you have to speak, you are auditioning for leadership." -James Humes

Jason has given multitude of speeches, panel presentations, talks and seminars and has spoken to thousands of people. His presentations are humorous, informative, and inspire action. One audience member says of Jason’s speeches, “his story is our story.” Jason has a proven ability to engage his audience to get better results in any area of their leadership.Speaking72dpi

Here are just some of the topics Jason covers:

Leadership – What is this elusive quality of greatness?

Jason shares his proven leadership philosophy and shows current and aspiring leaders how to find their own purpose, inspire around it and pass it on – calling forth great leaders. He highlights how the great leaders of history thought and led. He shares with his audience simple leadership concepts that will transform their individual and team results.

Generational Leadership – How to make sense of this alphabet soup?

Learn how to navigate the waters of a multigenerational workforce. Understanding the four generations in the workplace today is a fundamental task to building and sustaining a great company. Each generation has a specific set of beliefs and experiences that has translated to different expectations, preferences and work styles. Jason has led and managed all four generations in the workplace with tremendous success and shares his experiences to help other managers and leaders get even better results through the generational maze.

Engagement – Not just the step before the marriage.

According to Gallup research, 71% of employees are not engaged with their work. That is, they are uninspired. These uninspired employees cost employers 350 billion dollars a year. So, what sets apart the other one-third of the workforce? As the saying goes, all roads lead to the leader. Jason shares his principles for engagement and you will learn how to engage your workforce to elicit the best productivity, align your people with the vision and mission of your organization, and master the art of engagement.

Jason typically focuses on the following four areas:




Jason speaks on a variety of other topics such as on-boarding, employment marketing, talent acquisition, and personal development among others. To discuss your topic in greater detail, please contact Jason by email at jason@jasoncplatt.com

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